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Some Biographical History of Lorena Cartagena

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Facts Of Lorena Cartagena

Full Name:Lorena Cartagena
Husband:Joseph Antonio Cartagena
Net Worth:Unknown
Kids:Joey and Ryan Cartagena

 Lorena Cartagena, an American native who is known as the gorgeous wife of famous entertainer and rapper Joseph Antonio Cartagena, also known as Fat Joe. The couple has been together for more than twenty years. Joe’s spouse, Lola Milan, is gorgeous and hot and hails from the United States.

Lorena Cartagena’s Married Life With Husband

Lorena is wed to Fat Joe, a Bronx-born musician, since 1995 after just a few months of being together. Both have been together for a long time and will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary later this year. Their family includes three children, with whom they’ve lived a happy and successful life.

As we’ve said before, Lola is a brilliant mother of three beautiful children born to Joseph Antonio, and her children are a girl as well as two kids. Joey, as well as Ryan Cartagena, are her child and Azariah Cartagena is her daughter.

Joey is the youngest of the three. Ryan is in the middle, while Azariah is the youngest. She is a great friend to her three children, and they’re often seen playing with each other.

Who Is Joey’s Biological Mother?

Milan might be beautiful, but Lorena Cartagena is not the type of mother she has for her oldest son, Joey. He was born due to the rapper’s previous relationships with another woman, however, it has been unclear who his real mother is. Joey, however, contrary to popular belief, is not believed to be her offspring since the two are alike in many ways. He is morally sound and has practices that are similar to those of his mother.

We think that a 27-year-old isn’t interested in knowing which mother his biological mother is. Why would he want to know when is blessed with a loving and loving mother? He is extremely grateful that he has such a great mother. There’s also a rumor she’s not the birth father of Ryan’s son, This could be the case.

False Rumor Of Divorce With Joe

Lorena Cartagena’s wedding to the ‘As Far As Possible’ singer was cut on in 2012 as per reports. Some sources stated that they would break up their 17-year marriage at that time. They also claimed they were told that the rapper was in open defiance of his wife which led to their separation.

The theories and discussions regarding the divorce of the couple were not true. In any event, the evidence suggests that they were experiencing some pressure and difficulties in their relationship. But, it was not evident that they planned to take a major step to break up their union. The couple has remained together and living happily with their kids.

Lorena Cartagena’s Husband’s Net Worth

Joseph Antonio Cartagena, better known as the nickname, Fat Joe, is a famous American actor and rapper who is believed at $5 million. Terror Squad and D.I.T.C. are Two of the most popular groups. As the CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment, He is also well-known as.

Lorena Cartagena Married Fat Joe in 1995

She first met Fat Joe in the 90s. At the time Fat Joe was trying to establish his career as a musician in New York.

It’s never easy to establish a strong connection in an industry with a lot of competition such as music. But, the couple displayed the utmost professionalism and determination to collaborate. Thus, they were married in the year 1995.

She and Her Husband Share Only a Daughter

Lorena and Joe were not able to have a child right away after their marriage in 1995. 11 years later they welcomed their first baby girl, Azariah Cartegena. The birth took place on 12th May 2006.

Additionally, there are two brothers from Joe’s previous marriages. Joey is the oldest. Joey was born in December 1992. After three years, Ryan was born in 1995.

Even though they’re not her children She was able to raise them with no special treatment. Kudos to her for doing an excellent job.

Allege Divorce in 2012

There is no guarantee that marriages will be smooth sailing problems always arise. But, it’s wonderful when the problems are solved. In 2012, rumors were circulating on the internet, alleging that the rapper had cheated on her. She also wanted to divorce her husband.

According to some reports, the couple resolved their differences and reaffirmed their vows to each other. Others have said that divorce speculations aren’t true. The couple is enjoying themselves.

Her Oldest Step-son Has Autism

A few years ago, Lorena’s husband disclosed that his son Joey is autistic. This was disclosed in a Facebook post, where the dad of 3 affirms his unwavering love for his son and describes his son as a person who has brought joy to the entire family.

The rapper was only a teenager at the time Joey entered his life. It was difficult for him since he did not want a child at the time. Because of Joey’s illness, his mother was unable to provide for his needs. Therefore, his grandparents and father began to take care of him.

How Rich is Lorena Cartagena?

Although it’s not determined the sum of money she’s earned but her husband has made millions off of music. Apart from his music career is not the only thing that he has done, the rapper Fat Joe New York City rapper also invested in real property. He also invested in real estate. Net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Joe began investing in real estate in the year 2000 when he purchased an acre of property situated in Plantation, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale for $115, 000. In the following years, he built the 5,300-square-foot residence. In 2010, he reopened the home the house was offered for sale for $2.5 million. However, nobody offered.

Her Husband is A Supporter of the LGBT

While Lorena Cartagena’s husband may not be homosexual, he’s one of the people in the world of music who have publicly expressed his love for gay people. He doesn’t believe there is a necessity of hiding their sexual orientation. They should be able to make a statement and speak out about it.

She Speaks Spanish

Apart from English, The rapper’s wife is also fluent in Spanish. The question is whether she has a little part of Spanish blood coursing in her veins. In addition, her husband born and raised in the Bronx, New York City is of Puerto Rican and Cuban ancestry.

Joe Was Once Arrested For Hitting A Man In 1998

Lorena Cartagena’s husband was detained by the police along with Big Pun on 8th September 1998 after hitting the man with a baseball bat and taking his chains of gold on the 14th of June 1998. He was arrested for assault.

Her Rapper Husband Was Named As A Witness In Two Murder Cases

His bodyguard ex-partner, Jose Ruler (Sing) was arrested by authorities in September after shooting an unidentified sixteen-year-old Ernesto Rivera at a nightclub in the Bronx in April 1995. The rapper later claimed that he heard nothing of the shooting and that he saw people fleeing the scene.

He was also named an expert witness in the trial of Jermain “Wufgang” Chamberlain who is believed to have killed Lessli Paz as well as Joey Navarro to death. In the morning when the shooting took place, Fat Joe and the 2 victims were believed to be in the rental Cadillac Escalade, which was located in front of David’s Cafe ll in South Beach.

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