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How To Register Yourself as A Freelancer in Pakistan?

by whatswall
Register Yourself as A Freelancer

You all may have been a part of speculations and arguments regarding the taxes related to freelancers on every social media platform. However, it is not so important if you are earning for your work or just running an online business. In such a scenario, how can you register yourself as a freelance in Pakistan for free? Yes! This blog will give you all the details about the same.

How to register yourself as a freelancer in Pakistan?


There are various ways by which you can do so. So, go through them and select as per your interest. Let us cover these below.

Starting with registering as a sole trader

It would help if you started with making one business succeed in it. To Register Yourself as A Freelancer in Pakistan It will be simpler to manage and also will take less time. The most popular method to earn money at home is through this one. Also, there are a few other methods that provide good returns too.

How to do one business?

So, let’s see how to do one business. First of all, you need to create a company. You need to sign up for it so that people can identify with it and understand your work. Moreover, you will need to get a domain name to help you find your website easily. Many software tools available today help to register all the necessary documents through Google Drive. Now, let us discuss what Gigs and Pages are.

The first thing which comes into our mind here is Gigs and Pages. As we discussed above, there are two types, i.e., “Gig” and “Page.” So, we will discuss both of those in detail. To Register Yourself as A Freelancer in Pakistan As mentioned, pages are more static files, so they will only remain there (so that any user may view them) even after a temporary internet shutdown.

About Gig

 On the other hand, Gigs are things like social media profiles, a URL, etc. In case you want to make multiple pages to achieve different aims and objectives, you can choose to register another page of the type “Page.” It happens because people have their preferences. You can think about something else in general for each page. You can keep these two different types of pages. For instance, suppose that you have 10 pages and 2 pages about hobbies. So, you can consider these 2 pages to have both ‘Pages’ and ‘Gigs.’ Here, you can choose between making 1 page of type Page and keeping the remaining 3 pages in a way that is similar to your main webpage. That is how you need to know whether you should select a page type or keep the other two pages of one-page type ‘Page’ and keep the ‘Gig.’ These approaches are quite simple to execute.

Similarly, you can select the following three types of Gigs according to your preference. You can pick your entire webpage or the individual items and keep it all in a separate folder.

Your site URL

You can choose from several options while selecting the same. However, one must remember it needs to be unique. Therefore, please don’t enter any other website link because even that doesn’t count towards it. Don’t forget to add some keywords. Apart from that, keep the email id that is the crucial piece to show you the right path to contact you. Keep an image or file to put on your webpage otherwise.

At last, we want to tell you a little about “Gig.” According to the experts, having a gig is not just a job to complete. It is a living thing. It would help if you were working in a particular field or industry. 


Thus, it would help if you kept this in mind while choosing the exact area you wish to work in, whether it’s for you or somebody else. As said, it is a life cycle where you have to pay some money to continue working. Hence it would help if you tried to keep one line of work as your main role. Always keep everything else aside for now. You can use the project to showcase it in your portfolio as soon as you finish it. But certain things should be kept in mind. One of them is that you shouldn’t overdo everything. If you overdo anything, then you won’t bring any profit. Secondly, it should be short and simple. More than that, you need to write short, well-defined lines, or they may not stand out in front of the crowd. Lastly, always remember that your work needs to be polished and flawless. To Register Yourself as A Freelancer in Pakistan Hence, try to keep your work simple. As much as possible, keep this in mind.


After understanding all these rules, you can do as per your choice. Just go to your website now and start posting as many posts as you want. Make sure to write great content for each post. Then keep updating them regularly. Your audience is waiting for you. And once they leave the page, so will yours. So, keep on going with your hard work.

Now, let us come to the next type of the Gigs. They are called Sponsored Gigs. You can choose any topics like SEO, web development, web design, blogging, etc. You can call them whatever you want to.


Each sponsored person in your network will have the budget, and you can ask for extra resources or other facilities for the sponsors. Thus, there is no cost of entry, and there are a lot of opportunities to become successful as a professional when you have signed up as a sponsor in your network. With so many opportunities to earn, it becomes easy to grab the chance when you have taken this step. There is no cost of entering a competition as well. This is just that there is the possibility of getting selected as a winner of the whole process. There is nothing that has to enter into the game. It could be your luck or hard work. Thus, this is a win-win situation. So, it is advisable to work hard.

Build your skills 

And finally, as you know, you need to build your skills by learning new things. Once you already have that knowledge of coding or developing a product and services, there is nothing else you can learn. As long as you can write and research well, there is nothing more a person can do. When you are already very proficient in one field, why not learn others too? Because you never know what will be the next thing, you can grab it as soon as you are in a position to do so.

So, let’s wrap this up now by saying – There is no restriction for becoming a registered freelancer in Karachi. All the steps I mentioned can be achieved if you want to, but you must be strong enough to do it. Otherwise, you will fall behind the other professionals, and nobody will recognize you.

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