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Dolores Madrigal

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Dolores Madrigal


A Filipino woman whose magical abilities are superior to her age group due to her divine healing. Dolores Madrigal is portraye by Maria Concepcion. Born on November 16, 1927, she was raised by her mother. Elisa (Fernanda Tolentino), and her father Alfredo. Dolores’s brother, Antonio is playe by José Luis Reyes, and sisters Carmela . Eugenie are portrayed by Vanessa Moreno and Cristina Vallejo.Dolores Madrigal After being brought up by their mother, Dolores became more and more aware of the power she had. In the end, three ghosts appeared to reveal that it was all a lie. Although Dolores claimed to be deaf, she did not have any knowledge of what they meant.

Dolores Madrigal
Dolores Madrigal

Even after several years, when she realized how she could hear, she tried to hide the truth from everyone else. The girls told her that she would never marry Fernando or Jose because he was too old for them. When she met Enrióstomo, it seemed like nothing but a fairy tale from her youth. However, Enrióstomo changed everything. Dolores Madrigal, believed himself to be the one who knew the real meaning of love and gave Dolores a family. It was a happy ending. Then, Enrióstomo died and his soul came back to life with him.

Now, his spirit still lives in Dolores’ heart and is trying to convince her that it is true. Later on, when Dolores and Florentine finally find out the truth, she starts doing magic again, just as she did before. There are also rumors about the third ghost appearing to say something that will change Dolores’ life. Dolores Madrigal But instead of going through all those things, they are all lies. They had told Dolores that it was only fairytales and no one could hurt her. She has grown apart from her family and left everything behind.

Dolores Madrigal

But now, while she was having drinks at Paddington and dancing around Florentine, another ghost appeared. And this time, even though nobody had ever seen anything like that before, everyone thought that Díaz de Hijas is the same person. At times, she was so frustrate, thinking how much she had missed home because everyone kept telling her that she shouldn’t feel alone and she should always go home.

 Finally, one day, with the help of Enrióstomo and Florentine, she went to see Enrióstomo’s ghost. And although she saw everything she wanted, there was no way that a few moments of silence would make her leave everything behind completely. So, Dolores Madrigal when Enrióstomo returned to his place, Dolores took him back home and never left Florentine. She continued to live a normal life until she got married and moved back to California.

The movie ends with Dolores playing two different characters, each one of whom is an incarnation. First, it’s Francisco. This time, she is a young girl who is very outgoing and likes to party. On the other hand, Dolores’s second appearance is Elisaura Dujes who is quite shy at first. But later on, things change and Dolores becomes a younger version of herself.

Second, it’s Josefa Saldana who is someone who can tell you some good news and give you hope even if you’re down. Lastly, we have Florentine Dujes who is a little bit quieter than others. Dolores Madrigal Despite being very passionate and strong, she needs a little patience from the people she loves. Her husband and daughter won’t wait long for something so important to them to happen.

Dolores Madrigal

 However, Florentine isn’t the most patient woman. When she gets excited, she is always ready to show off. One example is when Florentine sees her son Cristina looking through her window of hers, and since she doesn’t want to ruin her daughter, she runs outside and tries to tell her that he’s going home to greet his brothers.

 However, Florentine wasn’t listening at all, so she turns around and runs back to her bed, where she falls asleep without even realizing that it happened. Florentine wasn’t even mad; it didn’t even bother her. At last, Florentine dies and it’s only then that Dolores realizes the mistake she made with Florentine.

Although she is blind, Dolores finds other ways to communicate with the dead through songs, which is shown during Act 1, Scene 2 of the main story, “Enlace.” During the ceremony, music plays.

 As soon as she hears the melody, she starts singing along because she has been taught to do it so many years ago. Dolores also sings songs for a certain lady named Eliza who she had loved back in Manila. With these songs, Dolores can communicate and interact with Florentine and Florentine’s ghosts from different points in the past.

Dolores loves Diego from the moment they meet each other. But later on, they had feelings for each other and finally get together when Florentine returns to her and Florentine’s body, which means the same thing to Dolores as she can’t forget her dead partner.

Dolores Madrigal

Once Florentine is gone, Flores was able to remember her and Dolores feels bad for taking away his memories. Still, the feeling of Florentine coming back and reuniting with him was worth it for her. Throughout the whole movie, she could have known that Florentine had died in peace. Instead, she couldn’t handle losing a chance to share a kiss with Florentine, but she was willing to try.

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