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5 Gears You Can Use To Improve Your Food Photography

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5 Gears You Can Use To Improve Your Food Photography

World of Food Photograph

The world of food photography has so many ways for you to improve it. As with everything else in life, there are no set rules and your food may not look like its done in the slightest bit. These tips 5 Gears You Can Use To Improve Your Food Photography can help you do exactly what you want to it but can also use to improve your food photography into something great.

Pay attention to details.

This is pretty easy for anyone. Just pay attention to each color, what color paint it gets on your plate and where it goes. Are you sure the blue cheese isn’t there? Is the light green? What about the red cheese on your plate?

This takes some practice though because you never want to miss a detail. I would also recommend trying out other foods as well if you have tried them in the past. Some common ones are avocado toast, olives, grapes, kale, chicken, and bread. Do you notice how those three are all painted differently? How do they stand out against the others? If any of these have any problems, try using clear spray paint it won’t b

5 Gears You Can Use To Improve Your Food Photography

Use natural lighting.

When we think of natural light, we think of bright sunshine. We tend to forget that the sun also comes from the clouds and it doesn’t always come from the sky, sometimes it’s just a day when it wasn’t raining. Using natural light makes the photos more dramatic and allows for the viewers’ eyes to focus more on the subject, especially food, which seems to be the primary target. Don’t underestimate this. A good way to get started on this is by getting up close and personal and taking a photo in front of the coffee machine.

I find out for myself with a little extra time. Most of the time when I’m outside without my camera being there, I find a way to hide my camera. I like to put my phone at the same height I’m sitting which is high enough for the camera to see. Then I get some clothes on to add to the mix. It looks really sharp when the sun comes out and you’re able to capture some amazing background scenery, like the trees next to the house or flowers right next to the river.

Get comfortable with cameras.

Look around you to find the best way to take your shots. Does your table stand out too big for your plate? Maybe too high? You might like to stand out of the shot, making your plate seem larger which will make the viewer feel like it is smaller as well. All of this will affect the shots in several different ways depending on what you choose. My favorite tip is to turn your back to the person in the photo. So your back facing them and make sure the lighting is good so you don’t look like someone is staring at this thing.

Find inspiration.

When you go out in the market and see a picture that speaks to you, grab it. Even if you have all the fancy equipment in the world it only takes seconds for the image to be pulled out from your memory and into the paper plate of you. Take pictures of the most interesting and beautiful things around you. Have fun in the environment, don’t be afraid of anything so much as long as it’s fun and beautiful. Try it yourself.

You might be surprised at the pictures you get to take after doing such a simple thing. That’s what I love about photography. You are not bound by the tools you have and can create what you want to. Pick up every single post-it note and use it to make a collage. Draw a few layers of fabric and it will give a very similar concept. Keep a bag on your desk and get some nice t-shirts to print them onto. Add water color to it and you have that special texture. I like to decorate with lots of sticks of dynamite, plastic beads/pearls, etc.

Be aware.

You can’t always see exactly how a dish looks or how well it smells. Sometimes people fail to realize that what they smell is not what it actually is. People are too focused on looking at the details and sometimes don’t realize they are smelling something different than it is smelling. Take your time. Remember a smell will give you an idea if it isn’t right. It could be worse, but it could be better if you give in. Smell your food and it will tell you if there is something wrong.

Overall these tips are easy to understand. They can open your mind to new recipes and ideas for food photography. By learning how to take better photos, you can do so much more and become one of the industries most sought after professionals.

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